Modus Humanis

by Vaulting

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released September 1, 2009

Produced by Ralf Müller, Co-Produced by Vaulting
Recorded at Rape Of Harmonies Studios Triptis and Schmoelln
Mixed by Patrick W. Engel and Ralf Müller
Mastered by Patrick W. Engel
Rape Of Harmonies, Germany 2009
All Music written by Vaulting
Coverartwork by Matthias Gathof



all rights reserved


Vaulting Wiesbaden, Germany

Intense Death/Grind est. 2006.

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Track Name: We Are The Cavalry
Birdie, sleep well
Far glimpse from hell
Boredom an insecure partner to keep you from death
Rest in your shell
Distant music sounds
Radio, party starts, let's exercise our art
They begin, let us in
Let us go, do our show
We will rock, time to shock
Celebrate, lacerate
Is this honourful?
Staring down, stripped down
Defiled pride
And without a whisper
We are the cavalry
Track Name: Gierkehle
Sie, die dürstet, immer mehr
Suchtvoll, abnorm
Menschlicher Abgrund gleicht einem abyssalen Schlund
Gefüllt mit Ehernem, Gehölz und Blut
Schlingt Phantasie
Der selbsternannte Götze/Raffke
Memento mori, gedenke, dass du ein Mensch bist
So ganz und gar der Welt entrückt,
Fürchtest du nicht, dass die dich beissen,
Die du gebissen, bis aufs Blut
Deine Kehle leuchtet rot, wenn man sie nur ritzt
Rational gekleidet in weiss und rot, welch Freiheitsakt
Zerbricht dein Gesicht, zur Fratze, immer mehr
Und blutig schreit die Gierkehle
Track Name: Flug
Zustand der Blendung
Wärmeschaffende Energie
Sonne trennt den Mensch vom Vogel
Genie den Vater vom Sohn
Aufschwung zum Höhenflug
Zu hohe Freiheit erbt die Ohnmacht
Wille zur Freiheit fällt sein Träger
Im Sturz verschwunden
Das Wasser schluckt die Federn
Track Name: Earthling
I am human, cold spectated
Thoughts of myself, mean existence
I have conquered earth on my cerebral ways
Trial and error with its random decays
Waiting - perfection to come
Hoping - mankind in freedom
Research - the truth a sum
Create - a racial kingdom
Slave the weak with force and mind the human rights
Exploit without remorse, dear animal good night
We feed, delete, greed more to eat, the seed is meat, lead the new breed to death and then repeat, we'll finally suceed
Your skin is in, I live within, I cram you fat while I am thin, I love your naked chin, suits perfect to my grin
What you offer, I'm in clover, what you can be, I use for me
Efficient industry, KILL-high technology, no use for empathy, no splashing blood to see
We consume clean, no suffering seen, won't waste a thing(hair and bones and flesh and GELATINE)
Do you remember when? Racial killings again... Won't waste a thing(hair and... bones and... GOLDEN TEETH!)
I can make you cease to be
But why should I?